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Transiris Sales and Marketing Systems Integrations Service
Benefits of Transiris System Integration Service

Why Systems Integration

Due to the quick adoption of marketing automation systems, websites, communication apps, social media, CRM, and other market interfacing technologies, enterprises have ended up with numerous systems working in isolation and siloing data.

Integrating across channels, groups, and IT systems enables consistent customer experiences, leverages behavioral data, reduces the cost of campaigns while increasing performance, and empowers marketers with comprehensive analytics.

With over a decade of experience in integrating Sales, Marketing, and ERP systems internally, and social media and syndicated data and content sources externally, Transiris architects, connects, and automates systems and processes for success.

Our Expertise

Cross Channel Journeys: Communicate with customers on the channel they prefer and use at the moment. Campaigns with continuous journeys across channels keep engagement high, exude relevancy, and accelerate progress through the marketing pipeline. By reusing data, messages, content, and journey design across channels, you also reduce costs, enhance customer experience, and maintain brand consistency.

Silo Breakdowns: Overcome organizational silos generated by independent development of marketing systems or company M&As to leverage data, create consistency, pool resources, ensure privacy rules compliance, and reduce license costs.

Data Valorization: Before spending significant budgets to acquire, develop, and enrich data, integrate and pool your own customer and behavioral data from within the enterprise to maximize audience insights and reduce data acquisition costs.

Transiris Sales and Marketing Systems Integrations Expertise
System Integrations Toolkit

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Our Work

Discover highlights of our award-winning work:

Integrated Privacy Management

Thermo Fisher Scientific – Fortune 500

See how we ensured privacy compliance, reduced customer fatigue, enhanced customer experiences, and increased opt-ins by 85% by integrating six divisional marketing systems.
Transiris Integrated Privacy Management Case Study for Thermo Fisher Scientific

Sales and Marketing System Integrations


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