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Comprehensive customer insights using the leading CRM technologies

Comprehensive Customer Insight Data Management and CRM Services
Benefits of Customer Insights and CRM Management

Why Customer 360/CRM

Customers are our one of the most important asset of a successful enterprise, and understanding past and present customer data is critical for future customer relationship interaction, whether in person, online, or through other channels.

The CRM system contains not only customer and relationship data, but also the critical market knowledge and customer behavior needed for optimal interactions. Based on market research, modeling, customer personas, demographics, firmographics, and aspirational and environmental trends, a good CRM design is vital for the efficiency of the sales team.

A well configured CRM system puts insightful customer information at the fingertips of sales people and marketers and enables automated processes to nurture prospects, support sales processes, and optimize conversions throughout the pipeline.

Our Expertise

New System Implementation and Configuration: modern sales team need effective automation in order to manage a large volume of relationship, prioritize and differentiate effort, and have the customer information at their fingertips; also, managers need to track the performance of reps and progress of opportunities; we implement and configure your salesforce system for optimal utilization.

System Consolidation, Redesign, and/or Enhancement: too often organizations end up with a dysfunctional, inappropriate, or hard to use CRM system; especially in large organizations, reps need to select from large drop down menus, sift through irrelevant fields, or follow outdated workflows; also, due to legacy reasons, departments end up with multiple CRMs and fragmented data; we consolidate and enhance your CRM system (or redesign) to be truly an efficient tool that your sales reps will love to use.

Customer 360 Processes: CRM systems, as well as marketing automation platforms, do not always evolve as quickly as the market or may not have been based on the real customer behavior in the first place; in order for your sales team to be efficient, optimal customer, market, and sales processes need to be implemented properly within CRM systems; we conduct the analysis, persona definition, attribute development, process flow definition needed and implement it into a smooth, easy to use, and insightful tool.

Transiris Digital Marketing - Customer Insights Expertise
Transiris Marketing - Customer Insights Data Management Toolkit

Our Toolkit

Salesforce Configuration

CRM Architecture

CRM Redesign

APEX Programming

CRM Process Engineering

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM Legacy Integration

CRM Training

Salesforce Administration

CRM Consolidation

CRM Maintenence

Salesforce App Development

Persona Mapping

Sugar CRM

CRM Operational Support

CRM License Optimization

Our Work

Discover highlights of our award-winning work:

Salesforce CRM


We customized Salesforce CRM for Stanford, integrating Smarty and WealthEngine tools for effective outreach to the alumni and constituent segments most relevant to increased donations.
Stanford University Salesforce CRM Case Study

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