Experiential Marketing

Building emotional connections through unforgettable in-person and trade-show experiences

Why Experiential Marketing

Transiris is an award-winning marketing agency that utilizes digital, social, and experiential marketing to craft deeply engaging, authentic experiences that bring your brand’s story to life. Tactics that depend on audience participation such as trade shows, pop-up events, and virtual events require specific experience with preparation, logistics, and event management.

We create the event campaign strategy, drive participation weeks ahead of the event, design the visuals, provide and train the personnel for the event, and run the event if needed.

A well-designed experiential marketing campaign maximizes the investment in trade shows or other in-person tactics to make an impression that lasts a lifetime and generate strong leads.

Trade Shows

Marketing Tours

Guerrilla Marketing

Pop-up Events

On-site Sampling

Virtual Events

Our Expertise

Drive Traffic: In preparation for the event, we create (typically digital) tactics to target high value audience and ensure participation in event. For Trade Shows or other events, we do not rely only on ad-hoc foot traffic.

Visuals and Materials: We design high-impact visuals to ensure an unforgettable and brand-compliant customer experience that stands out in the crowd, communicates brand strength, and generates qualified leads.

Engagement: We provide highly qualified brand ambassadors who we train ahead of time as needed: heavily to deliver brand/product insights, medium to provide entertainment, or lightly to assist with booth/event traffic.

Lead generation: We utilize effective technologies to capture leads, add the insight of our brand ambassadors, enrich the leads with public and syndicated data, and deliver comprehensive, actionable lead reports.

Our Toolkit

Event Strategy

Trade Show Personnel

Specialty Talent

Event Collateral

Targeted Campaigns for Events

Booth Design

Experienced Brand Ambassadors

Event Entertainers

Event Management

Post Event Analytics and Reporting

Leverage Event Management Professionals to Maximize In-Person Customer Experiences

Partner with Transiris to increase ROI from events, generate stronger leads, and provide customers and prospects with unforgettable memories