Thermo Fisher Scientific – Chem Dex

Drive exceptional customer engagement with effective and relevant content, packaged as a product indexing web app with a cool effect.


In the crowded market of laboratory chemicals, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Lab Chemicals Division (LCD) stands as one of the top two players in terms of market share.

While the company plays in both the bulk market and the small package market, it’s the latter that presents more marketing challenges as the same chemical is needed in different package sizes and formats, depending on the specific customer type and application.

In the chemicals market, customers need an effective way to build their orders using the large catalog of over 80,000 chemicals in the optimal sizes and packages. Having the chemical information at their fingertips, as well as the packaging options for each chemical is a crucial value proposition for customers and prospects who order frequently.


Thermo Fisher’s LCD came up with the idea of developing a web based, intuitive index of chemicals, providing extensive information about the compounds, packaging choices, and ordering options. Such a tool would provide a vital competitive advantage.

Once development of the web app was completed, Transiris named the tool in a thoughtful and catch manner, merging ‘chemical’ and ‘dex’ and arriving at “chem dex” – the comprehensive web app for all chemicals information to aid ordering.
Chem dex™ became the new tool to search related chemicals providing a faster and simpler buying experience: find reagents, solvents, catalysts and building blocks grouped by reactions.

Through this innovative chemical index for synthetic organic chemistry, customers explore hundreds of chemical reactions, plan their synthesis, and access product recommendations and key literature references.

We also harnessed data-driven insights through the merging of Google Analytics data into Power BI dashboards, enabling informed user experience enhancements.

To promote the app, we devised an appealing visual concept combining scientific utility with a playful and entertaining feel. Featuring a scientist engrossed in work and large index initials, the concept and the resulting campaign conveyed practicality and fun.


The long-standing partnership between Transiris and Thermo Fisher Scientific generated one of the most successful campaigns in terms of both buzz and resulting lift in revenue.

Strategic placement in reputable and relevant science publications, including LabRoots and BioCompare, quickly generated significant awareness and accelerated adoption of the app.

The ‘chem dex’ web app resonated remarkably with its intended audience and further cemented Thermo Fisher Scientific’s position as a scientific innovator in an otherwise dry, difficult, and commoditized market. This translated into measurable revenue and loyalty.

Impressions reach over a three-month period.
click-through rate, reflecting a strong level of engagement.