The Energy Project – BeFuel App

Creating the first mobile app to help increase employee health, wellness, and engagement.


Over 16 years, The Energy Project has developed a scientifically-based approach to energizing people physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so they can perform sustainably at their best. To embed and sustain high performance, TEP builds cultures of continuous learning, feedback, and growth so that people’s capacity can keep pace with relentlessly rising demand.

The Energy Project’s primary revenue driver is the consulting services they provide to enterprise organizations around the world. But they sought to create an additional revenue stream while creating a “stickiness” with employees (and therefore employers).

Transiris was tasked with creating an interactive method to deliver the content and services of The Energy Project, in turn deepening engagement with customers.


Transiris developed BeFuel: the first intuitive mobile application for measuring human energy. BeFuel realizes TEP’s PeopleFuel® approach – a scientifically­ grounded curriculum that energizes individuals and organizations by teaching them to more skillfully manage their energy in a world of relentlessly rising demands.

The BeFuel mobile app builds individual capacity by teaching employees how to manage their energy with personalized programs to manage their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual activities. These programs include individualized exercises and videos tailored to each employee.


BeFuel has radically fueled employee engagement from launch. Another win: the app is further and dramatically differentiating the brand in an overly-crowded market – and at a time when HR professionals need novel solutions to their critical employee engagement and mental health challenges.

User average per day in the app.