SUNY – Brand and Website

Increasing engagement and enrollment for SUNY’s online degree program.


The State University of New York (SUNY) Online is a new initiative that provides primarily non-traditional students the ability to complete their degree 100% online.​ SUNY Online sought a brand and marketing partner to design and develop its identity and new website.

The primary purpose of SUNY Online is “lead” generation – potential students requesting information on the various programs offered so that the call center can follow up with them and move them toward enrollment. The new digital presence needed to be designed to be differentiated from competitor programs and developed in a way that ensured that the site remained easy to use for potential students.


Transiris modernized and improved the overall user experience through the use of intuitive colors and sections, whilst staying true to the brand color palette and essence. The use of clean, modern iconography and stats express the credibility of SUNY in a confident and responsive way.


Since its launch, the site has recorded record high user engagement across the board and laid the foundation for online recruiting and registration for years to come

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