StoneAge – The Age of Control

Creating an emotional connection and driving demand for a leader in industrial tools and services.


StoneAge Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of automated waterblast equipment and tooling for industrial companies and contractors worldwide. The company was facing an influx of imitation products in the market.

Once patent protection expired, manufacturers sought to produce similar products more cheaply. However, these knock-off products were inferior. Low-quality parts and limited testing often meant that the users would experience a product failure in the field (while in use). With commercial high-pressure water blasting, a product failure can cause serious injury and even death.

At the same time, marketing and advertising in this space is typically lacking an accurate reflection of the needs, wants, and sensibilities of the audience. In addition, ads simply, and only, highlighted product specs. Transiris saw the opportunity to push StoneAge to engage with their customers and prospects on a more emotional level – to position the brand in a way where the value they received was bigger than any one product.


Transiris developed the “Age of Control” campaign. In the high-stakes, high-pressure (literally) world of industrial cleaning, control is everything. Being in control means winning the bid, getting the job done on time and on budget, and keeping your people safe.

The multi-channel campaign blended traditional advertising (still prevalent and effective in this industrial market) with cutting-edge digital, social, and automated marketing.


The “Age of Control” campaign outperformed all expectations and blasted all industry benchmarks for engagement and conversion. It strongly differentiated StoneAge from competitors and not only delivered record leads but with record quality. Importantly, the campaign repositioned the brand and built a marketing infrastructure to enable campaign deployment on a global basis going forward.

Above industry benchmark digital response
Visitors from social media
Of contacts entered the funnel as MQLs