Virbela – Ready for Virtually Anything

A brand-new identity for an innovative enterprise that transforms the world of remote work.


B2B 2021 -Best Use of Customer Insights Gold Award


Virbela is the first virtual platform to build immersive enterprise metaverse worlds in which users can re-create the office, event, or university environments, maintaining a sense of a real-world community while working remotely, especially during the pandemic.

Virbela realized its brand identity was not strong enough to capture long-term sales opportunities, so they approached Transiris to solve several challenges: the logo was flat and did not represent the brand, the website was outdated, and there was a lack of a clear brand positioning. At the same time, Virbela wanted to pay homage to its old logo and therefore decided to keep the original colors.

We needed a logo that was vibrant, and modern, and evoked the virtual world of the internet.


As the pandemic provided a perfect moment for establishing Virbela in the market, we developed the ‘Ready for virtually anything’ positioning statement, which encompasses the company’s strength in paving the way to remote working and to the company’s foray into the metaverse.

The original logo was not doing justice to Virbela’s brand identity, so we developed a new approach to represent the unique 3D worlds that Virbela creates. By placing a ‘V’ for ‘Virbela in the middle of the logo, surrounded by rounded wave patterns forming a multi-layered globe, we created a 3D effect to represent Virbela’s virtual worlds.

Virbela logo redesign

We kept the primary RGB colors while adding a modern spin through soft gradients and a slightly more muted palette. Now, the waveforms create energy and movement, reflecting agility, and illustrating the collaboration we enable for customers – empowering them for virtually anything.

To give Virbela a new and improved online presence, we created a new website reflecting the dynamic and playful nature that is inherent to the company through bright gradients and wavey forms that bring each page to life.

Finally, we crafted a brand-new Playbook that binds all the brand identity elements, so the creative teams at Virbela can easily follow the step-by-step guides on how it all comes together.


Virbela saw accelerated growth in demand and expanded its client base, from mostly enterprise and education clients to the world of virtual events, whilst the company headcount grew 6.5x, from 20 to over 130 people.

Following the new brand positioning, logo design, and website, Virbela saw a 78% increase in new users in Q2, whilst international markets accounted for more than 50% of new user growth in Q3. Based on the feedback from customers, stakeholders, and the market at large, the new branding was well received and helped the company and the product stand out brand-wise and be easily recognizable.

Increase in new users in Q2
New international users in Q3
Increase in company headcount