Kohls – Offer Personalization with Unica Interact

Enabling Kohl’s to deliver real-time offers and personalized recommendations for digital marketing.


Kohl’s is one of the largest retail chains in North America with 1,162 stores across 49 states. The retailer offers diverse national and exclusive brands and an easy shopping experience. Its stores are renowned for their coupon system, offering great savings and discount opportunities to their customers.

While Kohl’s online presence has grown tremendously since it was created in 2011, the online store was experiencing two considerable challenges:

  • Customers were abandoning their shopping carts, with less than 5% of the users returning to finish their shopping journey and buy the items left in their carts
  • Customers were abandoning their browsing sessions on Kohl’s online store, not taking any further actions, and with only 1% of customers returning to finish their session

Kohl’s had no system in place for targeting these two types of customers and needed an integrated omnichannel marketing platform that would enable advanced segmentation, real-time data analysis, and deployment of personalized offers targeted to specific customers.


To improve their online customer experience and recover the abandoned browsing sessions and carts, Kohl’s needed a partner with deep knowledge and expertise, both in the latest technologies and in Marketing Platforms implementation. Transiris was that partner.

Specialists from Transiris collaborated with Kohl’s teams across multiple departments and implemented an offer personalization engine that enabled Kohl’s to gain control over customer data and tailor its messages based on a customer’s profile, interests, and behaviors.

Transiris planned, defined, created, and deployed content and design strategies, and data mapping structure solutions – completing the entire project within 12 months. The technical team also defined the Points of Interaction (POI), created a delivery strategy for the personalized offers, and provided deep technical expertise that delivered a flawless implementation process.


Following an unimpeded and bug-free implementation, Kohl’s customers are now targeted with personalized messages that encourage them to act, as well as remind them to use their coupons and discover the latest discounts online.

As a result, Kohl’s began recovering 300% more abandoned carts, which translated into a 1.5x increase in sales conversion rate – ultimately delivering a double-digit percentage increase in sales from abandoned browsing sessions across several product categories.

Increase in cart abandonment recovery rate
Increase in sales conversion rate
Percentage increase in sales in several product categories