Key Technology – Sorting Online Success

Increasing online visibility, engagement, and conversion for the leader in food processing technologies.


Key Technology is a worldwide leader in food processing technology, continually striving to find and fulfill customers’ growing needs. Ongoing innovations provide increased control, continuous processing, and longer machine life in processed fruits and vegetables, nuts, dried fruit, fresh-cut produce, and more.

At a time of intense competition, Key needed to re-think its web presence to project the technological sophistication and exceptional user experience already associated with its products. Key Technology selected Transiris to develop their corporate website and enhance the site’s product selector – optimizing the tool for mobile and enabling the SEO indexing of the products.

The product selector tool contained all the data of all their products, a deep library of information that was not previously visible to a search engine spider.


Transiris took on the comprehensive and complex task of rebuilding Key’s deep website from the ground up to drive site visibility and performance.

As a result, we created a modern online customer experience, resulting in far higher visibility, engagement, and business impact.


Key Technology’s site drove significant double-digit improvements in metrics – not just web metrics, but bottom-line pipeline metrics. Website conversions increased and CAC decreased, dramatically. And product selector usage more than doubled!

Increase in website conversions
Decrease in cost per acquisition
Increase in product selector usage