eXp – Video Fundraising Appeals

Using impactful video to drive donations for eXp’s Corporate Social Responsibility campaign.


eXp Realty is the world’s fastest-growing real estate brokerage, with over 80,000 agents in 21 countries. As well as disrupting the real estate industry with its unique cloud-based model, eXp is committed to serving communities in need.

In 2017, a devastating run of earthquakes hit Mexico. Homes were destroyed, families were displaced. In 2022, eXp partnered with homelessness charity New Story and initiated a fundraising drive to build 100 homes for families in Morelos, Mexico who were displaced in the 2017 earthquake. The campaign target was to raise $300k, which eXp founder Glenn Sanford would match for another $300k.

The challenge was to bring this story to the forefront in an environment where many other causes were monopolizing the attention of the audience, including the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine.


We used a series of impactful videos to motivate and inspire donations throughout the fundraising campaign. The Transiris video production department crafted a launch video to announce and promote the initiative, urging eXp agents to donate. We interspersed footage of the communities that donors would be helping, the houses New Story would help build and personal appeals from eXp founder Glenn Sanford and eXp Global President Michael Valdes.

We then scripted and produced a series of progress appeals to inspire further donations, featuring uplifting footage of the new homes and families that had been positively impacted by the homebuilding project.

To compel agents to donate in the last weeks of the fundraising drive, we created a sequence of bitesize videos for eXp social media to create a sense of urgency and raise more donations. These counted down the number of homes till to be funded, consecutively counting down the last five homes across five separate videos.


The video series helped eXp and New Story meet the target of £300k in June 2022, and alongside Glenn Sanford’s matched funds, eXp achieved the $600k pledge. eXp’s global team of agents were given an opportunity to make a difference to the communities in which they operate, and lives were transformed with the creation of 100 homes for families in need.

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