Thermo Fisher Scientific – Cancer Research

Creating a global, consumer-focused campaign that placed the brand at the heart of the cancer research journey.


Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Life Sciences Solutions Group (LSG) is a product portfolio that includes Molecular and Protein Biology products, Applied Biosystems, and Invitrogen™ products, along with everyday tools and services across the spectrum of research, medical diagnostics, and applied sciences.

In 2016, the LSG team recognized the imperative and opportunity to focus on the cancer research market: a large, diverse, and well-funded segment that was rapidly growing, but had yet to be claimed by a single company.

Working in partnership with multiple business units, they launched a global, customer-focused campaign, with the primary goal of shifting customers’ perceptions of Thermo Fisher Scientific from being simply a supplier of cancer research products to a vital partner in a customer’s research journey. In addition, they also sought to generate leads across LSG, create compelling, engaging content, provide thought leadership through insight-driven messaging, and develop and leverage their digital marketing capabilities.


Transiris partnered with LSG to develop thought-provoking and aspirational content that would help advance the recognition of Thermo Fisher Scientific as the partner of choice in the field.

Through in-depth research and insight mining, LSG developed an overarching, multi-tiered messaging strategy that connected with the cancer research community on several levels – scaling from broad, aspirational stories down to product-specific messaging. This included the identification of specific personas, allowing the messaging to be hyper-targeted towards specific stages of the customer journey.

Based on this research and the overall strategic foundation, content experts from Transiris developed impactful website content, enhancing the website’s messaging and aesthetics.


The content we created formed part of a much larger initiative that is still ongoing. Combined with their messaging strategy, this content helped unify LSG’s cancer research communications and support the development of the overall campaign. When speaking about the website content and the research handbook, the client called the work “wonderful as usual” and described our engagement manager as “super responsive and awesome”. Overall, the project has further strengthened our continuing content marketing partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific.