Bizzabo – Website Redesign and Asset Creation

Reinventing a website UX through engaging, dynamic, and relevant visual assets.


ACE 2022 -Website Design & Development Gold Award


After the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the events industry almost overnight, hybrid events platform, Bizzabo approached Transiris to create a fully optimized, interactive website to promote its new Event Experience OS.


We designed the Bizzabo site to be just as streamlined, dynamic, and engaging as their Event OS platform. That’s why the first thing users see when they hit the homepage is an eye-catching, animated line, curling through the headline text. This signature line is a repeating motif throughout the site, tying together animated graphical elements into one coherent visual experience.

We implemented a simple lead generation form near the top of the page, which offers users access to a product demo. Some users will want to go straight to a demo, so we’ve given them the option to easily register. However, if users want to keep scrolling, this field is not too obtrusive and doesn’t distract from the browsing experience.

We didn’t want anything to stand in the way of our user’s journey through the page. That’s why there are very few dividing lines or boxy content containers (like you might see on less confident sites). Vivid blocks of colour and our signature curling line gives the user a sense of flow, encouraging them to scroll on.

Video content is one of the most engaging and direct ways to get user attention, convey your value propositions, and establish your brand identity. That’s why we featured an embedded video with a bright and enticing thumbnail that communicates value, even before the user presses ‘play’.

We incorporated animated graphical elements into the site, united by the iconic “Bizzabo squiggle”—a recurring theme which ties the whole user experience together. We reinforced this sense of dynamic movement by integrating fresh, colorful illustrations throughout the site, that pop into view and grab your attention as you scroll.

We also extended the core visual identity of the Bizzabo homepage to build out new pages for the blog and app marketplace, ensuring that each page has a distinct look and feel, while also staying consistent.

For users visiting the marketplace page, a distinct visual identity signals that they are in a new section of the site, dedicated to prospective Bizzabo partners. We achieved this by creating visual differentiation. We used black, rather than yellow, as the primary colour hue. This signified the business-focussed world of app design and ecommerce, while using the Bizzabo’s signature yellow as a color accent to ensure continuity of brand experience


The redesigned website creates a smooth, impactful and brand-aligned user experience from start to finish. The result is a striking and engaging visual and brand identity that encapsulates the spirit and ethos of Bizzabo. The fully optimized and dynamic site not only enhances the user experience, but compels them to explore more.

Increase in site traffic
More demo requests than the previous month