Audi – Booking Bot

Improving the digital customer experience and boosting sales with a multiplatform chatbot.


Audi makes some of the world’s most incredible performance vehicles and is driving progress in mobility with its transformative electric vehicles and autonomous technology. When Audi rolled into Transiris, they sought to deliver a digital shopping experience as innovative as their automobiles.

The mobile-empowered consumer can research do their research online, 24/7. In fact, approximately 80% of today’s car buyers come to a dealership knowing what they want. Yet, the process of test driving a car is often still surprisingly analog.

Booking a test drive can involve back-and-forth emailing and calling that can take a lot of time and create opportunities for human error or customer abandonment. Audi charged Transiris with developing a solution to accelerate the booking process, increase conversions and increase customer satisfaction.


We developed a powerful yet extremely intuitive chatbot to help customers book a car for a test drive on Audi’s websites or via Facebook Messenger. Like a chat, the bot asks what kind of car a buyer is interested in (model, transmission, fuel efficiency) – and it connects to Audi’s booking platform and their fleet of available cars. A buyer can even carry on a conversation across platforms, beginning the chat on a mobile phone and then picking it back up on a desktop, in the same spot!

The chatbot assistant can:

  • Help the car buyer select the features of the car they want to test, generally presented as packages
  • Provide the closest location where a car with the specifications is available
  • Automatically book a guaranteed time slot with an Audi agent for the test drive

After the chatbot books the test drive, a local sales representative receives an alert and calls the customer to further confirm the appointment. The bot can also offer discounts on the new car or aftermarket services.

The chatbot is also an incredible customer intelligence tool, gathering valuable insights throughout the process. With a simple cookie, Audi can learn what customers did after booking a test drive. Do they look at other models? Did they check out pricing or additional features? More than just a talker, our chatbot is a teacher.


Customers embraced the chatbot for its convenience, effectiveness, and novelty. In the first month in use, it increased booked appointments by 80%, and customers come to the dealership with the perception that they step into a novel experience with Audi.

Audi continues to be one of the most innovative automotive brands on the planet. Thanks to our chatbot, it also delivers one of the most technologically advanced and seamless customer experiences available to car buyers.