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Why Segmentation

Our customers are the driving force behind marketing campaigns, and customer personas put us into their shoes. We define personas through market research, modeling, testing, and audience optimization based on demographics, customer behavior, firmographics, aspiration and environmental trends.

With deep insights into audiences, we create the pertinent segmentation, microsegmentation, and personalization needed for message relevancy and resulting high conversion rates. We derive these insights from examining markets, lifestyle, demographics, wants, needs, personal priorities, preferred communication styles and many other characteristics, and add Machine Learning and AI for audience optimization.
Strategic Segmentation
Lead Quality Management
Persona Creation
AI-Powered Personalization
Audience Modeling
Persona Taxonomies
CX Analysis
Psychographic Information
Behavioral Modeling
Message Relevancy Analysis

Our Expertise

Data Gathering: We use quantitative and qualitative methods to gain customer insights comprised of demographics, geolocation, behaviors, needs, values, and other relevant attributes. We structure this data to clarify the forces driving customer decisions and inform further steps in persona and segment development.

Modeling: We aggregate customer and market insights using advanced modeling tools to generate actionable audience taxonomies. We enrich these audience structures with attributes and insights that enable the messaging that drives purchases and develops brand loyalty.

Creating Relevant, Reusable Strategies: We document audience strategies and configure marketing tools for impactful use across multiple marketing campaigns. We enhance this with Machine Learning and AI-driven personalization to achieve the best customer experience, optimal conversion rates, and the greatest impact on revenue.

Our Toolkit

  • Expert Information Gathering
  • Segmentation Methodologies
  • Quantitative Audience Research
  • Data Modeling
  • Persona Mapping
  • Strategic Persona Messaging

Our Work

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Hearts of Europe

US Department of State

Transiris conducted segmentation and persona development as part of the US State Department’s plan to improve their global image.
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